IRIPUR line with Iris – combination to oily skins or with skin problem

Corrective Serum

  • Ideal for :

    Hydrate and regulate young skin problems

  • Key ingredients :

    Black-currant bush and raspberry bush extracts, Centella extract, fruit acides,Lemon extract, Lavender essential oil, Iris extract


    98% of the total ingredients are natural origin. 65% of the total ingredients are from Organic Agriculture.

  • Actions and results :

    A real concentrate of antiseptic and healing active ingredients of which the Tea Tree and Lavender essential oils are part, this delicately textured precious serum helps neutralize pimples by drying them and contributes to reducing residual marks. Freed of imperfections, the skin is amazingly clear, smooth and uniform and reveals a sublime fresh and unified complexion.

  • Presentation :

    Ref H0360 - Bottle of 30 ml