Our Face skincare protocols

Eye contour area care

  • Ideal for :

    All - effect anti-puffiness, concealer, smoothing

  • Key ingredients :

    Sesame, Jojoba and Hazelnut Vegetable Oil - Centella Asiatica Natural Extracts - Bio-Cellulose Patches and Hamamelis Extracts

  • Actions and results :

    Professional care, it soothes, decongests and nourishes the particularly fragile skin around the eye. Anti-bag and concealer effect guaranteed by our high performance bio-cellulose patches. This treatment can be offered alone or combined with a facial. The eye contour is hydrated, the look is rested as after a good night's sleep.

  • Time :

    25 min

  • To continue the experience at home :


            0041 - Soin démaquillant paupières sans étui (Conflit lié au codage Unicode)
     0151 - Soin des cils sans étui 0074 - Fluide regard Prestige sans étui
    Eye Make-up remover
    15 ml
    Eyelash moisturiser
    15 ml
    Eye Essence
    Centella Prestige
    15 ml