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Protocol for Men

The men skin is very different from the woman skin. It presents structural, physiological and functional differences with regard to female skin. It is indeed, thicker, firmer and more oily because of the male hormones. In addition, the beard and shave associated with it, weaken the skin of the face and cause irritation, tightness and redness. This is why the cosmetic products must be adapted to the very specific needs of men.

Regarding the institute professional care, there is still 10 years, we never saw men enter in a beauty institute. Today, the market of care in institutes for men is growing: more and more people come to the institute to do facials, body (especially relaxing massages) but also scrubs, hair removal , UV etc. The modern man is, indeed, more and more concerned with his wrinkles and his silhouette. To convince them, it is necessary to go straight to the point and bet on the simplicity to show them that the proposed care will be able to them only beneficial.

Within E.V.ROIG Laboratories, we have developed a line of cosmetics, Centella Men, dedicated to men and respectful of their needs and desires and an institute care protocol that can sublimate the properties of this range and take care of male skin. It is a specific and unique care with immediate results that is the subject of a technical training by our trainer. The professional techniques (cranial modeling, shiatsu) taught during this training will make it possible to offer rituals care adapted to men.

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