Our Body skincare protocols

Slenderness care

  • Ideal for :

    Refine the silhouette, reduce cellulite, smooth the "orange peel"

  • Key ingredients :

    Centella Asiatica Extract, Horse Chestnut Extract, Ivy Extract, Sesame Oil and Sunflower Seed

  • Actions and results :

    This professional care combines manual technique and effective assets to promote the destocking and refine the silhouette. Precise and targeted techniques and gestures revive the blood circulation and promote the elimination of unsightly cellulite and cellulite, even the most indurated. Chestnut, Ivy and Centella Asiatica will combine for a smoothing effect of the "orange peel" aspect and to help refine the silhouette by eliminating and draining excess water and fat cells.

  • Time :


  • To continue the experience at home :

    Figure Centella Gel
    100 ml
    Figure Massage Oil
    100 ml
    Dermic Solution
    30 ml