Our Face skincare protocols

Radiant Complexion

  • Ideal for :

    Dull, scrambled, tired complexions - Dehydrated skin

  • Key ingredients :

    Essential oils of Geranium, Rosemary, algae extract rich in alginates and minerals (calcium, potassium, essential fatty acids, vitamins ....), Natural acid, Centella Asiatica extract

  • Actions and results :

    The immediate and lasting Radiance Booster for all skins. The skin is prepared in order to better potentiate moisturizing, smoothing, lightening and repairing active ingredients. Well moisturized in depth and better stimulated, the skin regains firmness and tone.

  • Time :

    1 h

  • To continue the experience at home :

    0146 - Synergies rides sans étui 0095 - Masque camphré sans étui 
    0052 - Eclat du teint sans étui
    Wrinkles Synergy
    15 ml
    Camphor Mask
    40 ml
    Complexion Radiance Cream
    40 ml