Our Body skincare protocols

Air Lightness care

  • Ideal for :

    Toning, invigorating one's legs, regaining light legs

  • Key ingredients :

    Essential oils of Lavender, Orange, Bergamot and Chamomile

  • Actions and results :

    This invigorating and invigorating professional treatment promotes a good venous return and helps relaunch lymphatic drainage. It is therefore ideal to relax, stimulate and refresh the legs after a long day, during the warmer months, late pregnancy or after a long flight. To float and walk again on a cloud ... that smells like Lavender, Orange and Bergamot.

  • Time :


  • To continue the experience at home :


    Centella for Legs
    125 ml
    Vital Massage Oil
    100 ml
    Body Milk
    200 ml