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Our History

Centella legend

Tigre-notre histoireOur story begins in the 70s, Mr. Emile Vincent ROIG, was interested by a plant with remarkable properties that inspires many legends: the Centella Asiatica, when he was during his trip to Asia.

He was told wonderful stories that gave him a glimpse of this plant which has many virtues : this “Centella Asiatica” is nicknamed”the grass of the tiger” because of wounded lions are rolling on it to heal their wounds … it would make old age flee: “look at elephants, they appreciate it a lot, and they have long live …” as it will be told him in Sri Lanka.

Specialist in phyto-aromatic cosmetic , the vision of a beauty stemming from nature fascinated him.By discovering this exceptional cosmetic active, he decided to introduce it into natural beauty formulas. So E.V. ROIG Laboratories and the Centella brand were born.

Today many scientific publications demonstrate the multiple benefits of Centella Asiatica for the skin and the incredible potential of this natural active ingredient: anti-aging, anti-bacterial, healing, draining etc.


From a plant to a brand

Centella Asiatica site pro Notre histoire

Since its creation in 1972, Laboratories E.V. ROIG have the ambition to design organic natural beauty products. As a pioneer in the use of centella asiatica in cosmetics, the Centella brand is the result of the ongoing research of this demanding scientist. Essential oils, plant extracts and spring water are carefully combined to create natural beauty formulas. The Centella range is composed of a complete line of face and body products dedicated to beauty professional but also unique skincare protocols to enhance the properties of these formulas. Its vision spreads quickly in beauty salons and the network of partners by the quality and efficiency of Centella products expends.

Since 1994, Christian Papineau, engineer of training, and his entire team, have been perpetuating this quest for excellence in natural and organic cosmetics. Sharing the values ​​of the founder, they go even further by choosing in the 2000s to turn to organical cosmetics, then bio-fair.


Centella grows

The goal of E.V.ROIG Laboratories is to satisfy the customers. We try to offer you natural and organic treatments that combine efficiency and pleasurer.

Le concept de beauté Hydraflore


PTo complete our offer and meet the needs of beauticians and their customers, we developed the brand Hydraflore in the 2000s, a range of professional quality preventive phyto-cosmetic care adapted to the youngest and most sensitive skin.


Innovation, the key point in their strategy. In constant evolution, they are the choice of many beauty professionals in France and abroad who share the same values:

« Beauty by passion, nature by conviction »