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Our Beautician Record

Céline et Barbara

Témoignage esthéticiennesCeline and Barbara come from two different professional flieds. The creation of their beauty institute is balance, such as Yin and Yang..

“Our priority is to offer our customers pleasure, delicacy and well-being. That’s why we chose Centella and Hydraflore, Ecocert certified French organic brands”.



Jeanine Bourinet

mme-bourinet-estheticienne- Jeanine Bourinet has been working in Centella products since 1982.

“The formulations of the products are really with high quality. Concentrations of active ingredients are really much higher than the other brands. For example, mask textures are delicate and light! As for all other products, the penetration is rapid. I have no film on the hands at the end of the application, soit’s a real pleasure for me too.”


Danièle Reid

mme-reid-citronelle-capucinFrom many years, Danièle Reid and her beauty institute “Citronelle and Capucine”, placed around Boulogne sur Mer, work with Centella and Hydraflore products to offer skin care to our customer. 

“Initially, I chose Centella products because they are both natural and affordable. But now, what I like is that using them is not just applying to apply: we really have results! My favorite products are Rich Argan Cream and Everlasting Firming Serum.