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Our Face skincare protocols

Centella face treatment protocols in beauty center are developed around our exceptional natural products in order to provide an effective and personalized response to different skin types and to provide convincing results from the first treatment.

Our teams have created tailored care that adapts to everyone’s needs and meets the expectations of all. They combine naturalness, technicality, efficiency and pleasure for an unforgettable moment of well-being. Our entire product range is available in a cabin format to provide the best service to beauty professionals. Some references are exclusively reserved for use in the cabin and by professionals because of the technicality they require. We have also developed protocols of care with unique gestures to sublimate our products and which are taught to our beauticians partners. This enables them to offer their clients high-performance care and immediate, visible and lasting results.

The basis of the Centella method is listening to make a relevant beauty diagnosis and effectively recommend the most appropriate care. The Centella beauticians advise as well as possible according to the type of skin, the lifestyle, the age … Thanks to our exclusive beauty prescriptions, our beauticians propose to each one a customized beauty program in order to prolong at home the benefits of the care cabin.

Our face skincare protocols have been classified into different categories to allow the beauty professional to offer the most appropriate care for each customer.
Category Skin type Care name Actions and customer results Time (min)
WELL-BEING All skin type Hungarian walk A Relaxing Discovery Treatment that oxygenates the skin and smoothes the features, for a radiant face of freshness and vitality  45
HYDRATATION RADIANCE All skin type Minute Beauty care Quick Beauty for the most in a hurry, and for a radiant complexion in 30 min and at a very low price  30
All skin type Radiant Complexion The immediate and lasting Coup d’Eclat for all skins. Well moisturized, the skin regains firmness and tone.  60
All skin type Vital Energy Centella signature treatment that uses Centella Asiatica and Fenugreek to stimulate and reoxygenate the tissues, to revive and energize the features.
PURETÉ Combination to oily skin, Skin problems Deep Cleaning Escapade Main star skincare for combination, oily and problem skin, it cleans, regulates and mattifies even the most delicate skins  50


Fragile Eye Contour zone Eye contour area care  Anti-fatigue care, it soothes, decongests and nourishes the fragile skin around the eye. Anti-puffiness and concealer effect, alone or combined with a facial  30
All skin type Silk of Argan Anti-aging care from 35 years old for devitalized and dry skin; to find comfort, brightness and flexibility. Wrinkles and fine lines are faded, the face is “refreshed” and bright  50
Mature Prestige For 45+ year old, Exceptional anti-ageing care with centella asiatica stem cells. It is the ultimate anti-aging treatment. It responds to the expectations of the most demanding skin.  90


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