Protocol for Men

Centella Men care

  • Ideal for :

    All men concerned about their well-being and their image

  • Key ingredients :

    Jojoba oil; Centella Asiatica and Pitaya extract; Aloe Vera Juice

  • Actions and results :

    Centella Men care is a purifying and tonic treatment for men's facial skin but also relaxing for the body. The Shiatsu used in this protocol can deeply relax the tissues while toning and energizing the body. This protocol is a unique and very specific care. The subject of this training allows to acquire the gestures necessary for the good realization of this care and the fast obtaining of convincing results.

  • Time :


  • To continue the experience at home :

    Ref 361- Nettoyant visage Baume aprés-rasage 0363 - Crème anti-âge Homme sans étui
    Purifying Face cleansing
    125 ml
    Soothing After Shave balm
    50 ml
    Protective Anti-ageing
    40 ml