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30 Minutes Care

Centella has developed for beauty professionals a selection of express care, customizable and “soft” prices to boost their business. Designed on a 30-minute time base, these treatments allow you to hydrate, boost or relax the skin of your client’s face or body. Thanks to our protocols and your professionalism, you offer your customers a beauty of the face, hands or décolleté in 30 minutes chrono.

The beauty esthetician’s interest in these “minute” protocols is to offer flash care packages to low-cost clients and to initiate a loyalty process. They can also make it possible to make occasional promotions or an animation during a definite time in order to revive in a hollow period the activity of your institute. This flash care can also trigger sales produced by customers satisfied by the visible and fast results of our products.

Category Body part
Skincare name Action et Result Time (min)
HYDRATATION RADIANCE Face Minute Beauty care Quick Beauty care for the most in a hurry, and for a radiant complexion in 30 ‘and at a very nice price  30
PURITY Back Back Minute care Particularly relaxing, this relaxing treatment is ideal for effectively cleansing the skin of the back. 30
ANTI-AGE / FIRMING Bust Bust and Neckline Minute care Flash care can be done alone or in combination with another facial care, it brings radiance and hydration on the delicate area. 30
ANTI-AGE / WHITENING Hand Beauty Hands Minute care Making your hands truly beautiful, re-hydrate, nourish the driest skin, strengthen the growth of the nails and fade unsightly tasks. 30


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