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Organic, Fair trade and «Made in France » cosmetic

Skincare closes to Nature: Organic cosmetics


cream baseConcerned with the respect of hunman and the environment, EVROIG Laboratories have strengthened their natural and ecological approach by turning in the early 2000s towards organic cosmetics, to preserve our planet and to provide their customers with healthy beauty formulas, free of residues from intensive farming.

By choosing ingredients of biological origin, we guarantee pesticides free from pesticides, chemical residues from synthetic fertilizers. We exclude ingredients from petrochemicals such as mineral oils, paraffin …

Today, about 60 of our Centella and Hydraflore cosmetics are certified ecological and organic by Ecocert, guaranteeing compliance with Cosmebio specifications. We are continually working on improving existing formulas and certifying new products.

The use of biological raw materials has made it possible to take a step in preserving the environment for the well-being of present and future generations.


Skincare closes to human: the Bio and fair trade cosmetics

Site pro Bio équitable made in France - bio-equitableSince 2011, Laboratoire E.V. ROIG has been involved in the Bio-equitable approach by obtaining the “Equitable” certificate according to Ecocert’s ESR standard. Nowadays, about thirty of their references among the brands Centella and Hydraflore, are certified ESR.

We promote our supply with sources which value the fundamental rights of the person while respecting the environment. Thus, any form of exploitation is rejected. Discrimination, forced labor or child labor are excluded. The protection of women and children is one of the values defended by the brand’s partner producers.

By engaging in a bio-equitable approach, we become more involved in respecting our own values. We strongly favor the preservation of ecosystems while respecting human rights.


Skincare closes to you: The Made in France

Emile Vincent ROIG believes beauty is from Nature but also close to human. Attached to the department of Pyrénées Orientales, he founded his laboratory in Perpignan, between sea and mountain and developed his brand of cosmetics Centella.


Aware of the great potential of E.V.ROIG Laboratories, Christian Papineau, who adopted the region for its Mediterranean climate and clean, sunny air, decided in 1994 to keep the manufacture of cosmetic products in Languedoc-Roussillon.

By using our natural products Centella and Hydraflore, you reconcile pleasure, safety and responsibility while promoting a French know-how.


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For 40 years, we have been designing, developing and manufacturing natural and organic cosmetics on our French site combining historical know-how and innovation.

A 100% French manufacturing that ensures Centella and Hydraflore products an irreproachable quality and traceability of all stages of the manufacturing process.

By using our natural products Centella and Hydraflore, you reconcile pleasure, safety and responsibility while promoting a French know-how.