Our Face skincare protocols

Hungarian walk

  • Ideal for :

    Dry and sensitive skin, stressed customer

  • Key ingredients :

    Cedar, Rosemary, Mint, Sage and Lavender essential oils

    - Wheat germ oil

    - Organic shea butter from fair trade

  • Actions and results :

    The Hungarian Walk is a moisturizing and soothing professional treatment that allows you to discover the Centella universe, rich in gourmet and light textures and with natural flavors of Lavender, Mint, Cedar and Rosemary.

    Discovery and Signature care of 45 minutes, effective and relaxing, it oxygenates the skin and smoothes the features, for a radiant face of freshness and vitality.

  • Time :

    45 min

  • To continue the experience at home :


    0101 - Synergie florale sans étui 0090 - Masque floral sans étui 0078 - Aqualift Intense
    Floral synergy
    15 ml
    Floral mask
    40 ml
    Aqualift Intense
    Centella Prestige
    30 ml