30 Minutes Care

Bust and Neckline Minute care

  • Ideal for :

    Shape the bust, Tone up the chest after childbirth or during menopause

  • Key ingredients :

    Jojoba and Sesame oil, St. John's wort and Fenugreek extracts, Lavender and Rosemary essential oils

  • Actions and results :

    Before and after the period of exposure to the sun, this treatment makes it possible to dress, moisturize and beautify the décolleté. It is also appreciated after a delivery to re-tone the weakened breast.

  • Time :

    30 min

  • To continue the experience at home :

    0206 ShapelyBustSerum
    0200 BreastFirmingSerum 0030 Gommage argan détouré
    Shapely Bust Serum
    30 ml
    Breast Firming Serum
    30 ml
    Argan Soft Scrub
    125 ml