Clair Lotus – 1st beauty steps

Exfoliating Soft Scrub

  • Ideal for :

    To softly remove impurities and dead cells

  • Key ingredients :

    Rice hull powder. Lotus and Melilot extracts. Rose and Lavender distillates. Aloe vera juice.

    99% of ingredients are natural, 91% of ingredients are from organic fair trade.

  • Actions and results :

    CLAIR LOTUS Soft Scrub is suitable with all skin types. The rice hull powder is used as exfoliant. This powder helps to remove impurities and dead cells and prepare the skin to receive its daily skin cares. Melilot extract is using to sooth irritations and stimulate the microcirculation. Rose and Lavender distillate provide freshness and tonic effect. Skin texture is refined.

  • Presentation :

    H0031 Tube 75ml