Face products

Micellar Water

  • Ideal for :

    Gentle removal of fragile areas of eyes and lips

  • Key ingredients :

    Lotus extract, Cornflower water, Rose water, Camomile floral water, Glycerin, Ricin oil, Aloe Vera juice


    99% of the total ingredients are natural origin, 95% of the total ingredients are from Organic Agriculture.

  • Actions and results :

    Fresh and delicately perfumed, this water micellaire face and eyes, formulated with floral waters, cleans, removes make-up and tones up. Micelles are an aggregate of molecules (the surfactants) which have at the same time an affinity with the water (hydrophilic part), and an affinity with the oil such as the sebum and the make-up (lipophile). They are so going to act as a "magnet" to get the impurities and remove make-up you. The skin is clear, fresh and ready to welcome its other care.

  • Presentation :

                                                   Ref H0041 - Bottle of 125 ml