Hair Cares

Essential Shampoo normal hair

  • Ideal for :

    Stimulate and balance the scalp for shiny, supple hair.

  • Key ingredients :

    Centella asiatica extract, Extracts of white nettle, Ess.oils of cedar, Ess.oils of lavender, Ess.oils of cedar, Ess.oils of tangerine

    Organic Agriculture ingredients .

  • Actions and results :

    This shampoo, enriched with Soya lecithin, extracts of Centella asiatica and nettle, stimulates and balances your scalp. Essential oils combined with a very soft washing agent, gives your hair a beautiful shine, more volume and softness.

    Ingredients from Organic Agriculture.

  • Presentation :

    Ref 262 - Shampooing cheveux normauxRef 0262 - Bottle of 200 ml